About us

Our team of eight developers, music artists and graphic designers are developing Indie games like Etasia. Just hop in and join our journey to the new world of Indie games!

Our Team

James | CEO

"Hey there! I am Visualize, Project manager of Etasia and owner of Syntism! I am 15 years old, a huge fan of indie games and an artist! I deal with PR, Marketing, Community Management, Storywriting and organisation!"

Niko | CDO

"Sup, Name's Niko, I'm 19 and I'm the Programmer behind Etasia. I'm from Germany."

Sean | CMO

"Hey there! My name is Sean! I am 16 years old and I work on anything related to music in the game! The trailer music, theme music etc. I am from Germany! I will be also working on concept art in characters, but also work on other things in the design field! I also am the Chief Marketing Officer taking care of the Community and also the Social Media platforms and covering marketing aspects, and finding us partners and sponsors."

Jan | CTO

"Hey there! My name is Jan, I'm 16 years old and I love both horror and indie games. I'll help this project by administrating the website and managing other important technology areas."

Nomis | Game Design

Nothing yet

Meow | Game Design

Nothing yet

Gokce | Game Design

Nothing yet

Frous | Game Design

"Heyo! I have a frickin' lot of nicknames, but the most common ones are "Meow~" and "NekoNoShinigami". You are free to call me Vlad though, as it is my real name. I was born in Ukraine (and still live there), and I will compose some songs for the game."